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To share your photos follow these EZ steps:

  1. Log in using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the blue Share box on the top left side of the page.
  3. Select an Album from the pull-down list.  Hit the Next button.
  4. Choose a Collaboration ID for sharing your album with friends on the Internet. Hit the Next button.
  5. You select the Secuity option for protecting the album.  Hit the Next button.
  6. Select general options for Sharing your album. You may optionally allows friends to add comments or photos to your album.  You may also get notified when someone adds a photo or comment to your album.  Hit the Next button.
  7. In the ‘Send To’ box, type the email addresses of the people you want to share your photos with. You can enter more than one email address. To do so, separate them by a comma.*  Hit the Next button.
  8. Enter a ‘Subject’ and 'Your Message' to include in the email invitation that we send to your friends.  Hit the Next button.
  9. Lastly, you will have the option to add your friends to your ‘Address Book’. This allows you to simply choose friends from the Address Book in the future, instead of manually entering their addresses every time you share an album with them.

*If you have already saved friends to your ‘Address Book’, you can click on the ‘Add Friends’ button below the ‘Send To’ box. To choose a friend from the list, click the box to the left of their name and click the ‘Select Recipients’ button.

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