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Copyright Policy

There are copyright laws to prevent people from reproducing images and photographs unless they own the copyright or are authorized by the copyright owner. In the simplest terms, the copyright owner is the person who created the image or took the photograph. You agree to only have printed via EZ Digital Photos, LLC images and photos in which the copyright is vested in you.

You agree not to infringe the rights of any third party by putting these images and photos on the Website.

You understand that we are unable to provide you with permission to print photos or images belonging to others. You are solely responsible for any copyright violations that you may incur as a result using the EZ Digital Photos service.

If you believe that any images or prints have been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify us at the following address: copyright@ezdigitalphotos.com.

Want to read more about digital copyright law?
    Digital Millenium Copyright Act

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